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Sierra de Carrascoy SL
Sierra de Carrascoy SL it is a young and dynamic company with a long family tradition in the marketing and production of quality.

located in Murcia, a region known as “The Orchard of Europe” for its fertile soil and excellent climate for a wide variety of crops.

SDC it is a producer and trader of citrus, stone fruits, persimmons, and other varieties of fruits, with packinghouse in different parts of the Mediterranean coast.

Furthermore, in Huelva, we have the confection of our strawberry production in the region of Andalucía. Also in the region we have the production of variety of mandarin Golden Nugget.

Guarantee and Quality SDC

Sierra de Carrascoy SL
All our fruit is under the strictest quality controls and protocols, both European and international, to ensure total quality to our customers .

We are currently under IFS and GlobalGAP standards... .

Our goal is to guarantee a high quality product, developing new commercial varieties, avoiding old plantations that may occured losses. Both productive and organoleptic and provide the volume needed to meet its commitments. with each of our clients adapting ourselves to the individual needs.

Sierra de Carrascoy SL


Our main customers are large areas at the European level (mainly France, England and Germany), Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Indonesia …

and other select wholesalers that due to our privileged territorial situation both by air, sea and land, allow us to deliver our products anywhere in the world.

Sierra de Carrascoy SL


SDC work from the plantation until the product reaches our customers with the same passion and rigor that demands the highest quality.

For that reason we are proud of ourselves because this is our identity with all our customers.

We try to differentiate ourselves as well as offering excellent service.

This philosophy is what makes us retain our customers and allows us to continue growing with a close working relationship with our customers.