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is a young and dynamic company with a long family tradition in the marketing and production of quality. It`s located in Murcia, a region known as "The Orchard of Europe" for its fertile soil and excellent climate for a wide variety of crops.

SDC it is a producer and trader of citrus, stone fruits, persimmons, and other varieties of fruits, with packinghouse in different parts of the Mediterranean coast.

Furthermore, in Huelva, we have the confection of our strawberry production in the region of Andalucía. Also in the region we have the production of variety of mandarin Golden Nugget.

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One of our main varieties. High productivity, large size and conical shapes without distortion.

High consistency pulp and skin hardness that allows good transportation and conservation.

Homogeneously staining fruit early too.


Another of our main varieties wicht the fruits are very attractive, conical in shape and bright red.

The fruit size is medium-large. Allows long periods of storage.

The flesh is red, consistent and aromatic, with high levels of sugar.


It is a short day variety, well adapted to the climate of Huelva.

It produces a high percentage of quality fruit, suitable for the most demanding markets, even well-formed.

It is medium-large, conical and is exceptionally bright. The fruit is firm while still being juicy.

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Stone Fruits

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Mogador (Apricots)

They are our precocious varieties (from late April to early May). With round or oval shape.

Orange covered by a reddish layer. Good and balanced taste.


They are our semi-precocious varieties (from May to early June).

As Mogador and Colorado, with round or oval shape and could give bigger sizes.

It´s covered by a reddish layer. Good and balanced taste.


The fruits can be smaller and rounder shape than previous varieties. Fruit grooves are shallower than in other species. The skin is a soft yellowish hue and meat, juicy and sweet aromas.

The inner pulp is whitish. We can find a variety of skin redder though your skin may be white or yellow and orange. The fruit has a sweet flesh and has a lot of juice increases with maturity.

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Very vigorous and very large tree. The origin comes from the Vega del Segura (Murcia). Medium size,the shape can be spherical or oval. Thinner skin and higher juice content than the Verna variety. Great quality for fresh consumption and for industry.

Harvest in spring and second season (October to February), and this variety is earlier than the Verna, so it must be grown in warm areas and frost free.


Vigorous tree with few small spines. Large and oval shape. Exterior yellow color. Few seeds.

Thick peel, easy transport and handling. The skin of ripe lemon is pale yellow, less intense than Primofiori variety. Harvest from February to July.

One of it main advantages is that it bears fruit in the summer when lemons are scarce in the European markets.


Origin Valencia. The fruit has Intense reddish orange coloration and attractive. Good content in juice and pleasant taste and easy peeling.


It arises from a spontaneous mutation in 1953 in Nules ( Spain ) . The fruit has good size and adequate juice content of high quality; no seeds, and it is produced and cultivated in almost all of our producing areas.


Medium size, thin skin, easy peeling and bright orange color. In general no seeds but in some cases can have some if it is grown close to other compatible varieties.

Its high juice content with a late harvest.


Medium size and typical tangerine shape. Reddish orange skin colour but in wormer winters might have a yellow.

The peel is soft and can be easy peeling . Has deep orange flesh. Great quality and taste.


Large size and high juice content with excellent flavor. No seeds. Reddish orange colour .


Large size , deep orange colour and high juice content. May be collected from February and the fruit remains on the tree in good condition for a long time.


Harvest time is set to mid January and can keep well on the tree until April. Excellent orange-red , bright , good juice content and easy peeling.

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